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With branches throughout Western Australia, the UK and Europe, this unique and profound system of Chinese internal arts now has a presence in Melbourne. With a strong and growing interest in these arts among people on this side of Australia, it is a great pleasure and an honour to now be able to share them. We offer classes in a range of locations, with beginner courses as well asmore advanced training for ongoing students.

Those who are a part of our school come from a range of backgrounds, with interests in health, self-cultivation and the martial arts. These disciplines are intimately linked by a common primal root, one that we cultivate through our Neigong training, and explore through our practice of Qigong and the internal martial arts of Xingyiquan, Xinyi and Baguazhang. We nurture and encourage all the aspects of our arts, as we do the diverse range of people who practice them; everyone has something unique both to receive and to offer.

The Melbourne branch of Internal Intent is led by senior student Hannah Clemen.


After an initial foray into Japanese martial arts in her youth, Hannah began studying qigong and other internal methods in the late1990s. In 2001 she began learning Chinese internal martial arts and Daoist practices with Roy Jenzen, and has been a committed student ever since. In 2005 she travelled to China and trained intensively with Di Guoyong (Xingyiquan) and Yao Chengguang (Yiquan), before returning to Perth in 2008 to resume deeper ongoing study with Roy Jenzen. Hannah began her own teaching in 2010, first in Perth and more recently in collaboration with branches of the Internal Intent School in the UK, Austria and Germany. In late 2014 Hannah moved to Victoria to establish the new Melbourne branch of the Internal Intent school.



Latest News: 2018

Due to work circumstances, Hannah is now living in North East Victoria so there are currently no new or ongoing weekly classes held in Melbourne. However if you wish to be added to our mailing list in the event of new class updates or upcoming workshops, please send a message via our "Contact" form below and we will be in touch.


Hannah is currently running twice-monthly weekend sessions for more senior students in Healesville and Melbourne. These sessions are for existing students only; however if you are genuinely interested in our arts and would like to find out more, you are welcome to come along to one of these sessions to observe. Please contact us via the "Contact" form below for more information.



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